Rich Macgurn

Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist


Herbalism is an important part of my practice. Most every condition can be aided by herbs, whether it be a sprained ankle or high blood pressure. I frequently combine herbal prescriptions with acupuncture treatment.  I also do herb-only consultations and prescriptions.

How much will it cost?

I charge $20 for initial consultation. This will usually involve a 20 to 30 minute inquiry at my clinic. Herbs usually cost between $8 and $16 for a weekly prescription. I mark up my herb prices very little because i want to ensure people have access to the medicine they need. If you can’t afford the initial consultation don’t hesitate to contact me or come to The Remedy Garden on a Saturday between 10 and 1pm. I am flexible and will  be happy to work with you.

Where do you get your herbs?

I carry only high quality herbs from Spring Wind Herb Company, or I grow them myself.

Herbal Tradition

my herbal practice is based upon my education and licensure in Traditional Chinese Medicine. At Pacific College I was fortunate to study under many acclaimed herbalist practitioners, including Barry Xin, Yuan Wang, Tantan Huang, and Robert Damone.

Chinese Medicine is based upon herb combinations to treat both “root” and “branch.” This means treating the core or root condition, while also dealing with the acute “branch” symptoms. This means an herb formula will be specialized for each person based upon traditional herb combinations. Michael Tierra has a nice explanation here. What this will mean is that you will go home with some combination of between 2 and 12 herbs. Some herbs require simple steeping to make a tea. Others, with roots or bark, require more extensive boiling to make a decoction. I can also make fine powders that are consumed with hot water. Alcohol tincture, honey syrup, or oil infusions may also be made, depending on the situation.

The Remedy Garden Project and other Collaborations

Additionally, i collaborate with eclectic herbalists of many traditions. Most notably i work with Valerie Camacho in The Remedy Garden Project. Come check us out at 3800 43rd St. City Heights 92105. At least one of us is usually there on Saturday’s between 10 and 1pm, right across the street from the excellent City Heights Farmers Market.

Also, as a result of my working within Mexico, and within immigrant communities of San Diego, I have a working knowledge of some Mexican herbalism.

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